Дом Культуры (и всё-всё-всё...)
Культуру, блин, в народ!

История Чикаго в фотографиях (1861 - 1870).

In 1868, on the retirement of Potter Palmer, Messrs. Field and Leiter removed their dry goods business from 110 and 112 Lake Street to the Singer building at the northeast corner of State and Washington Streets, which they occupied until the Chicago Fire, 1870

It is South Michigan Avenue looking north from Twenty-first Street. On the northwest corner is seen the home built by Frederick Haskell in 1869. The house next to it was occupied by Chauncey B. Blair; next to that of William V. Kay; then came the residence of John Doane; then Henry Keep, the father of Chauncey and Albert Keep; and then George Schneider, the banker. On the northwest corner of the Twentieth Street was the Second Presbyterian Church. The house with the turrets, on the east side of the street, was that of Uri C. Balcom, the lumber-man, and on the northeast corner of Twentieth, the old Calumet Club, 1870

City Hall/Courthouse, 1870

Before the fire wholesale hardware, grocery, spice, sugar and tobacco houses centered here, 1870

Courthouse immediately after the construction of its new wings, 1870