Дом Культуры (и всё-всё-всё...)
Культуру, блин, в народ!

История Чикаго в фотографиях (1891 - 1900).

Joliet Prison Inside Yard and Grounds, 1891

The Dedication Day parade of the World's Columbian Exposition on Octover 21, showing the throngs on State Street, 1892

A view of Michigan Avenue, just south of Thirteenth Street, with the parade celebrating the dedication of the World's Columbian Exposition, October 21, 1892

Dedication Day of the World's Columbian Exposition, State and Madision Streets, October 21, 1892

Dedication Day of the World's Columbian Exposition, State Street between Monroe and Adams, 1892

The Dedication Day Parade of the World's Columbian Exposition. The parade is seen passing the Federal Building, going west on Adams Street, October 21, 1892

Ferris Wheel, 1893

A view of Michigan Avenue from the viaduct during the World's Columbian Exposition, showing people boarding the so-called 'cattle cars' to take them to the fir. The first part of the Congress Hotel, the Auditorium and the Studebaker Building (now called Fine Arts Building) and in the distance the statue of Columbus may be seen, 1893

President Grover Cleveland delivering his address on the opening day of the World's Coulmbian Exposition, May 31, 1893

Advertisement from Chicago Tribune, July 16, 1893

Chicago Daily Tribune headline/frontpage of Haymarket defendants pardon by Gov. Altgeld. this move effectively ended his career, 1893

Chicago Daily Tribune headline announcing the overturning of convictions against anarchists from the Haymarket incident, June 27, 1893

Cold Storage Pavilion at the World's Fair. Chicago Tribune, July 11, 1893

Collapse of the Tower and Fall of the Last Fireman. Chicago Tribune, July 11, 1893

Fall of the Doorway and Collapse of Columbus . Chicago Tribune, July 11, 1893

12th Street bascule bridge, 1900

Lake Shore Drive, 1900

Wabash North from Adams. Detroit Publishing Company, 1900

Рандольф-стрит к востоку от LaSalle, 1900

Мэдисон-стрит к востоку от Пятой авеню, 1900

Парк Линкольна, 1900